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San Miguel de Allende Sunday Magazine
February 18
· A Scientific God
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
The quantum world is a holistic, infinite realm of energy and potential.
· "Idyllic in Cuernavaca": Malcolm Lowry's Tortured Sojourn in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
"You have it in you to become one of the century's greatest writers. But you need help."
· MyStudio Art Walk
        Col. San Antonio
Saturday, Sunday, February 24, 25, 11am-5pm
· Found Object Alchemy, Turning Trash into Timeless Art
opening - Joseph Bennett - Fri, Sat, Sun, Feb 23-25

        by Eli Hans
His creations are a testament to the beauty that can be unearthed from the most unlikely sources
· The Absent Structure - opening
Friday, Feb. 23, 7pm - QRO

        by Gabriel Sencial
Like culture itself, there is no final resolution to successful painting: it continues to evolve and evoke.
· A Living Hell: Assange and Free Speech
talk Monday / rally Tuesday

        by Ron Paulson
Up to now, publishers of classified material have always been protected from prosecution under the 1st Amendment.
· Her Super Power
        by Barbara Goodman
I shared all the foibles, eccentricities, dare we say neuroses of the accomplished; but lacked their talent.
· Expression vs. Accuracy: Drawing Classes
        by Henry Vermillion
Drawing should be done as much as possible the way a child draws.
· Ford Model A - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Buying the latest technology does have its appeal though.
· Crossword Puzzle - And Then Some
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
· Un Dios Científico
        por Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor
El mundo cuántico, aunque muy pequeño, es un reino holístico e infinito, de energía y potencial.
· "Idilio en Cuernavaca": La estancia torturada de Malcolm Lowry en México
        por Philip Gambone
"Tienes la capacidad de convertirte en uno de los mejores escritores del siglo. Pero necesitas ayuda, no curitas."
· Alquimia de objetos encontrados, Convertir la basura en arte atemporal, Joseph Bennett
Viernes, Sábado Domingo, 23-25 de febrero

        por Eli Hans
Sus creaciones son un testimonio de la belleza que se puede desenterrar de las fuentes más improbables.
· La estructura ausente - inauguración
viernes, 23 febrero, 7pm - QRO

        por Gabriel Sencial
Como la cultura misma, no existe una resolución final para una pintura exitosa: continúa evolucionando y evocando.
· Un infierno viviente: Assange y libertad de expresión
charla Lunes / rally Martes

        por Ron Paulson
Hasta ahora, los editores de material clasificado siempre han estado protegidos contra el enjuiciamiento en virtud de la primera enmienda.
· Su super poder
        por Barbara Goodman
Tuve la epifanía de que compartía todas las debilidades, excentricidades, nos atrevemos a decir neurosis de los consumados, pero carecía de su talento.
· Expresión vs. precisión, Clases de Dibujo
        por Henry Vermillion
El dibujo debe hacerse tanto como sea posible de la manera en que un niño dibuja.
· Ford Modelo A - La esquina de la computadora
        por Charles Miller
Sin embargo, comprar la última tecnología tiene su atractivo.
· Lokkal, SMA's Community Network
        San Miguel online
Our Digital Town Square... Browse SMA's community Wall.
February 11
· All Too Human
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
Faggin and Kastrup declare that the universe is conscious.
· "A treasury of many things worthy of being known": The Florentine Codex
        by Philip Gambone
Sahagún undertook a deeper and more systematic approach to recording Nahua culture.
· The Artist Dreams a Sculpture
        by Glen Rogers
The two large "wings" surrounding the seat also mimic large leaf shapes.
· Surreal Mexico 2: Las Pozas
        by Tony Cohan
I didn't feel afraid - not yet, at least - only lost.
· Strangers at the Door
        by Jennifer Rose
Should I go over to her house and throw the rascals out myself?
· El Terco: Tacos Before Sundown
        by Don Day
"It's not too spicy," four words that can never be trusted from the mouths of Mexicans.
· Dante, Canto III
        by Thomas Powers
"Abandon all hope, you who enter here."
· Deep Fakes - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
"Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"
· Crossword Puzzle - Horsefeathers
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
· Demasiado humana
        por Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor
Faggin y Kastrup declaran que el universo es consciente.
· "Un tesoro de muchas cosas dignas de ser conocidas": El Códice Florentino
        por Philip Gambone
Sahagún emprendió un enfoque más profundo y sistemático para registrar la cultura nahua.
· La artista sueña una escultura
        por Glen Rogers
Las dos grandes "alas" que rodean el asiento también imitan las formas grandes de las hojas.
· Dante, Canto II
        por Thomas Powers
Elegí trabajar en grande porque quería que las impresiones tuvieran el mismo impacto que una pintura.
· Deep Fakes / Falsificaciones profundas - La esquina de la computadora
        por Charles Miller
La mayoría de las personas que son víctimas de una estafa son reacios a admitir que fueron engañados.
February 4
· Cleaning House
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
The skeletons in my closets are what most limit my ability to navigate the flesh and blood of now.
· A "double outsider": the Mexican American novels of Michael Nava
        by Philip Gambone
"...a wounded and vibrant people, the truest Mexicans of México."
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico
Architecture, part 2, From the book

        by Cathi and Steven House
Working as an architect in SMA has been an honor and a gift.
· Strings Attached, Joan Hall
opening - Sat, Feb. 3, Fabrica Art Walk

        by Margaret Failoni
Her current Strings Attached series is a spin on old fashioned embroidery with a cutting edge.
· Atmospheric and Ephemeral, Susanna Turino
opening - Sat, Feb. 3, Fabrica Aurora Art Walk

        by Susanna Turino
The paradoxical pursuit of perfection with the expressive letting go of perfection.
· Partial Disclosures
        by Terry Tomlinson
Drawing with graphite, pastels, ink or tape, I excavate, destroy and rebuild.
· Dante, Canto II
        by Thomas Powers
As Dante and Virgil approach the mouth of Hell, his mind turns to the journey ahead and again he feels the grip of dread.
· Fear of Missing Out - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Most people who fall victim to a scam are reluctant to admit being duped.
· Crossword Puzzle - Partners
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
· Limpieza de la casa
        por Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor
Los esqueletos de mis armarios son lo que más limita mi capacidad de navegar la carne y la sangre de ahora.
· Un "doble forastero": las novelas mexicano-americanas de Michael Nava
        por Philip Gambone
"...un pueblo herido y vibrante, los verdaderos mexicanos de México."
· San Miguel de Allende: el alma de México, Arquitectura, parte 2, Del libro
        por Cathi and Steven House
Trabajar como arquitecto en SMA ha sido un honor y un regalo.
· Cadenas atadas, Joan Hall
inauguración – sábado 3 de febrero, Paseo de Arte Fábrica

        por Margaret Failoni
Su serie actual Cadenas atadas es un giro en el bordado a la antigua mezclado con una vanguardia.
· Atmosférico y efímero, Susanna Turino
inauguración – Sáb. 3 de Feb, Paseo de arte, Fábrica Aurora

        por Susanna Turino
El búsqueda paradójica de la perfección con el expresivo de dejar ir la perfección.
· Revelaciones parciales
        por Terry Tomlinson
Dibujo con grafito, pasteles, tinta o cinta, cavo, destruyo y reconstruyo.
· Miedo a perdérselo: La esquina de la computadora
        por Charles Miller
La mayoría de las personas que son víctimas de una estafa son reacios a admitir que fueron engañados.
January / Enero 2024
January 28
· What's a Guy to Do?
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
A cynical New Yorker, she's what an earlier generation would have called "a tough broad."
· "The Path of the Codex": Mexico's Pre-Conquest Writing Systems
        by Philip Gambone
The boys were taught all the verses of songs, which were called divine songs.
· Geometry as Language; The Art of Alberto Lenz - opening - Thursday, February 1, 5pm
        by Cristina Galvez
They suddenly confront us with a world of sensuality and mystery.
· Four San Miguel Painters - Polly Stark Ortega - Janet Hawkins Dowda - Andrew Dearwater - Daniel Rueffert - opening - Thursday, February 1, 5-7pm
The intimate worlds that each artist has captured in response to their enduring relationship with Mexico.
· Three of Hearts - Gaia Schilke, Chris Dolan, Debra Deutsch Oliver
opening - Fri. Feb. 2, 5-8pm

I see the canvas as a stage for the theater of everyday life – a space where anything is possible.
· Bea is Back, Eclectic Lecture Series
        by Barbara Goodman
Some mortals get the jewels, others the dung. Do good things happen to bad people? Yep. Is sorrow as common as sweet?
· Art Sleuthing in San Miguel, part 2
        by Natalie Taylor
"Can I make an appointment with him?" "Not really," they told me.
· Splitting the Sea
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
...leaving the Israelites stuck between the sea and the mighty Egyptian army.
· Feels Like Home Again at Firenze
        by Don Day
"We struggled. Some days we didn't know if anyone was going to walk through the door."
· Authorization at What Price? - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Those companies derive much of their income from selling advertising and then selling your personal information.
· Crossword Puzzle - One to Make You Frown
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
· "El Camino del Códice": Sistemas de escritura pre-conquista de México
        por Philip Gambone
Los pintores-escribas eran hombres sabios que, según otro franciscano, poseían "un corazón hecho divino."
· Geometría como lenguaje, El arte de Alberto Lenz - inauguración - jueves 1 de febrero
        por Cristina Galvez
De repente nos enfrentan con un mundo de sensualidad y misterio.
· Cuatro pintores de San Miguel - Polly Stark Ortega - Janet Hawkins Dowda - Andrew Dearwater - Daniel Rueffert - inauguración - jueves, 1 de febrero, 5-7pm
Los mundos íntimos que cada artista ha capturado en respuesta a su duradera relación con México.
· Tres de corazones - Gaia Schilke, Chris Dolan, Debra Deutsch Oliver - inauguración – viernes 2 de febrero
Veo el lienzo como un escenario para el teatro de la vida cotidiana - un espacio donde todo es posible.
· Bea regresa
Serie ecléctica de conferencias

        por Barbara Goodman
Algunos mortales obtienen las joyas, otros el estiércol.
· Buscando tesoros artisticos como un detective
        por Natalie Taylor
"¿Es posible llamar y agendar una cita?" "No, lo hace todo él mismo."
· Autorización ¿A qué precio?: La esquina de la computadora
        por Charles Miller
Esas empresas obtienen gran parte de sus ingresos de la venta de publicidad y luego venden la información personal.
January 21
· Lunch With Alberto
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
May Lokkal amplify the initiatory indigenous wisdom inherent in our land.
· Lost in Mexico: Tennessee Williams' The Night of the Iguana
        by Philip Gambone
"To feel some humiliation and a great deal of sorrow at times is inevitable. But feeling guilty is foolish."
· The Burning Flower: Color in Mexico
        by Tony Cohan
In Mexico, every color goes with every other color - if you know how to do it.
· An Artist's Life
        by Henry Vermillion
Living in San Miguel, as most of us do, I find the situation a bit strange.
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of Mexico Lecture/Book Signing - Wednesday, Jan. 24
        by Cathi and Steven House
"The essence of one of the loveliest cities in Mexico is presented full of poetry, charm and beauty." - Laura Obregón Baranda, Poet Laureate of Mexico
· Dimensions of Light
        by Terry Tomlinson
I cast or embed paper with a variety of contrasting materials such as metal, thread, found objects, mica and text.
· Stuck at the Office
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
"Sorry, Honey. I'm stuck at the office. I won't be home until late."
· My Life as Collage, part 2
        by Béa Aaronson
Collage is an operation, a surgical operation of visual inputs.
· You Don't Own What You Think You Own; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
The latest trend... you can use the software so long as you pay again every year or every month to continue using it.
· Crossword Puzzle - Weather Forecast
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
· Almuerza con Alberto
        por el Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor
Que Lokkal amplifique la sabiduría indígena iniciática inherente a nuestra tierra.
· Perdido en México: La noche de la iguana de Tennessee Williams
        por Philip Gambone
"Sentir algo de humillación y mucha tristeza a veces es inevitable. Pero sentirse culpable es tonto."
· La vida de un artista
        por Henry Vermillion
Vivir en San Miguel, como la mayoría de nosotros, me parece un poco extraño.
· San Miguel de Allende: el alma de México. Presentación de Libro – Miércoles 24 de Enero
        por Cathi y Steven House
"La esencia de una de las ciudades más bellas de México se presenta llena de poesía, encanto y belleza."
- Laura Obregón Baranda, Poeta Laureada de México
· Dimensiones de la luz
        por Terry Tomlinson
Fundo o embebo el papel con una variedad de materiales contrastantes como metal, hilo, objetos encontrados, mica y texto.
· Atrapado en La Oficina
        por Jeffrey R. Sipe
"Lo siento, cariño. estoy atascado en la Oficina. no estaré en casa hasta tarde."
· Mi vida como un collage, parte 2
        por Béa Aaronson
El collage es una operación, una operación quirúrgica de entradas visuales.
· No eres dueño de lo que tú crees: La esquina de la computadora
        por Charles Miller
La última tendencia... se puede utilizar el software siempre y cuando se paga de nuevo cada año o cada mes para seguir usándolo.
January 14
· In This Together
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
If home is where they miss you when you're gone, then I'm homeless.
· A "cotton-headed romanticist" in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
"In some mysterious way the strangling rope of her loneliness had also been severed."
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico Architecture, part 1, From the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
Declared a National Monument in 1926, SMA's historic center has long been protected from modern intrusions.
· Art Gala Fundraiser, 100 artworks to benefit Mano Amiga, Iranian artists donate art collection, Wed, Jan 17
        by Ann Marie Jackson
"We are artists who love supporting other artists."
· The Return of the Men in White
        by Martín Buen Viaje
It was as if I ran an ultra marathon without taking a step.
· El regreso de Los Hombres de Blanco
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Es como si hubiera corrido un ultra maratón sin haber dado un paso.
· Indifference
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
"The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference."
· Caught Red-handed at Los Originales
        by Don Day
Tossed, turned, chopped, and flopped by people who bring back memories of those plate spinners on the Ed Sullivan Show.
· Scamming the Scammer; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
I never heard from that scammer, his niece, or her mother again.
· A new Crossword Puzzle Coming Soon
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
January 7
· New Knowing
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
It's not academic. In fact, there is nothing more personally important to each of us.
· Ancient Wisdom - Modern Times; ethnographer, writer, photographer, filmmaker
Tues, Jan 9

        Wade Davis
His work took him to Haiti to investigate folk preparations implicated in the creation of zombies.
· Zigzag: Phil Gambone Reads
Wed, Jan 10

        SM Poetry and Prose
"This collection of interviews is like going to dinner with people you'd love to know but don't."
· Mexico City on $100 a Day
        by Jennifer Rose
It's clearly not expensive and always interesting.
· Infinite Variety - open studio Wednesdays
        by Terry Tomlinson
The fragile and ephemeral qualities of paper...
· Anomalies - opening, Sunday, Jan. 14
        by Kathleen Cammarata
An anomaly deviates from what is normal and expected. It is not easily classified.
· French Doors Art Dinner, Chef Donnie Masterton
Thursday, Jan. 11

· Enlightening Darkness
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Viktor Frankl famously wrote that if you find meaning, you can survive almost any suffering.
· Ring out the old. Ring in the new.
        by Don Day
Perhaps Susan could explain the mystery of the two Marco's.
· Gears, Tubes, Transistors; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
"If it were possible to describe it in a few sentences, it wouldn't have been worth a Nobel Prize." Richard Feynman
· Crossword Puzzle - Rhyme Time
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
December 31
· A Funny New Year: Three episodes, a joke, a song lyric, and a wish
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
I don't care if you're laughing at me, as long as you're laughing.
· A Culinary Canvas, Art Dinner, French Doors, Chef Hugo Martinez
        by Victoire Sidhoum
Chef Martinez's creations intertwined the worlds of gastronomy and contemporary art.
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico, People, part 2, from the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
Strangers are welcomed and made to feel part of all that is Mexico, adding unimagined depth to their lives.
· Bobby's Beat: Disguised in a Grown Up Suit, Dinner Show Fridays
        by Bobby Kapp
Some people pray / To not go to hell / I pray cause I already been there
· Art History SMA: the Church of Santa Ana
        by Natalie Taylor
The judicious use of gold ornamentation creates an elegant, inviting space.
· Add This to Your Best Burger List
        by Don Day
Apart from trying to slip slide its way out of the bun, the avocado worked well.
· All Together
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Our Father in Heaven kvells, rejoicing without end.
· Ping in the New; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
In 2023 global internet traffic grew by roughly 25% over 2022.
· Crossword Puzzle - Small Shakespeare Quiz
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
December / Diciembre 2023
December 24
· Happy Ending
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
I myself for certain am a hodge-podge.
· Christmas, Birthing Divinity
        by Mary Jane Miller
He is that person, filled with wisdom and love, and begun in Mary's womb.
· Christmas, Perfectly Imperfect
        by Rev. Donna Schaper
When the shepherds are back with their flock / The work of Christmas begins.
· Puppet Fancy
        by Sheridan Sansegundo, art and text
They are now nearly life size.
· Dante, Canto I
        by Thomas Powers
My rudimentary idea of the inferno, probably based on movies.
· Bobby's Beat
Feeling the breeze
Dinner Show Fridays

        by Bobby Kapp
poem / music video
· The Aristocrat: Two Welshmen and an Australian Walk into a Bar
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
" We want it to be the beating heart of the Calle Jesús scene."
· The Morel of This Story
        by Don Day
"You make the most of morels; this is fabulous fungi."
· Gaudí in SMA
Ranchito Cascabel / Timmyland

        by Gary Reid
Organic motifs, populated by giant sculptures of rattlesnakes and other zoomorphic and anthropomorphic shapes.
· ChatGPT Sings the Blues; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
ChatGPT seems to be becoming lazy.
· Crossword Puzzle - Season's Greetings
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
December 17
· New Tricks
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
His instinct is to guard his home turf. My instinct is fight or flight.
· An American Writer Looks at Christmas in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
"It isn't fair that we always show Mexicans as poor village Indians."
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico People, part 1 From the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
We sat on a bench among the flowers with Margarita, whose family has sold popcorn in the Jardin for generations.
· My Life as Collage, part 1
        by Béa Aaronson
Collage is an organic process, disconcerting at first, like life really.
· Groundbreaking Groundwater: Community-Driven, Community-Owned
        Caminos de Agua
Conventional solutions fall short due to the complexity of removing dissolved contaminants.
· Venenos eliminados: Propiedad de y administrado por la comunidad
        Caminos de Agua
Las soluciones convencionales se quedan cortas debido a la complejidad de eliminar contaminantes disueltos.
· The Virgin of Guadalupe: the History of Art
        by Natalie Taylor
Her indigenous heritage is reflected in her brown skin, and connects her to the Aztec earth goddess, Tonantzin.
· The Ramen King has a New Castle
        by Don Day
The place is not classy but it's cozy, cool and comfortable.
· 50 Years and Going Strong; the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
It was akin to a telephone party line allowing many computers to communicate on one shared line.
· Crossword Puzzle - It's Always Greener
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
December 10
· Rainmaker
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
The rainbow, in all its splendor, requires our properly angled participation.
· The "Prince of Pilgrims" in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
"Before I die I will have experienced every emotion and tested all my senses."
· The Magic Waters of Tlacote, excerpted from On Mexican Time
        by Tony Cohan
Here there are no ordinary days.
· A Ride, A City, Some Bulls
        by Amy Cotler
He hurried them into a large room, where they expect the police to arrive.
· A Bad Idea
        by Bill Harrison
Managing the world while half blind for just 24 hours was an eye-opening shock.
· Sunset Maguey, Barbara Valverde
opening - Saturday, Sunday, December 9, 10

        by Barbara Valverde
Her passion is to create the drama of color, light and shadow in paper.
· Represented Photographers - opening, Sat, Dec. 9, 12-4pm
        Photographic Gallery
She introduced photography as a fine art to the San Miguel public.
· Gathering Sparks
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Life does not have to be a collection of meaningless fragmented moments.
· Writing in Art, Kathleen Cammarata
opening - Sunday, December 17

        by Kathleen Cammarata
The artworks were not only objects to look at but also ideas to think about.
· Regresando a las carreras
        por Luisa Ruiz
La última carrera en la que participé fue el Maratón de la Ciudad de México en agosto de 2016.
· If it's Tuesday, it must be...
        by Don Day
It's been happening in San Miguel de Allende for a few years now.
· PINGing - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
This month marks an anniversary that only a computer nerd could really appreciate.
· Crossword Puzzle - 20a
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
December 3
· Call to Action, Inspiration Meets Opportunity
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
Atención reflected our community, quite literally, represented us in its pages.
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico, Markets, part 2, from the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
Life in Mexico is a dance, never more beautiful than the stroll through a market.
· Life Forces of Mother Earth: Nawals
        by Béa Aaronson
The shaman acts as a mediator, a vessel of transference and contact between the outer and the inner world.
· Rewiring: The Community Church of SMA
        by Rev. Donna Schaper
Americans living in this hemisphere outside of the States have a special perspective.
· Sacred Hummingbirds, excerpt from The Broken Hummingbird
        by Ann Marie Jackson
The feathers on the tiny creature's chest and back flashed a gorgeous iridescent blue-green.
· Getting Back in the Race
        by Luisa Ruiz
The last race I participated in was the Mexico City Marathon in August 2016.
· Angel in the Wings: SM Playhouse Has a New Home
        by Robert J Hawkins
Along with live theater, they plan to produce chamber music concerts.
· Old Dog, New Tricks - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Lose the old habits you used for the old technology or risk doing damage to your devices.
· Crossword Puzzle - 20
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
November / Noviembre 2023
November 26
· Blaming the Victims
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
I'm not the first to observe that the Woke is not the left.
· Mexico's "Barefoot Iliad": The Underdogs
        by Philip Gambone
"the sublime cause of an oppressed people demanding justice, pure justice."
· Journey's End
        by Tony Cohan, author of On Mexican Time
But what if you wanted to be out of touch?
· Rescued by the Music
        by Richard Adelman; photos: Fátima Rodríguez, Alfox Jimenez - Colectivo Afrojarocho
At 80 years old I shouldn't go around expecting epiphanies on demand.
· Models I Have Drawn
        by Henry Vermillion
Alina was a beautiful woman with a haunting trace of sadness in her face.
· Modified Bloom – a lacy adventure
        by Wendy Moyer
I don't remember all the pain and labor it took to see my creative dream come to fruition.
· Bloom Modificado – una aventura con encaje
        por Wendy Moyer
No recuerdo todo el dolor y el trabajo que me llevó ver que mi sueño creativo se hiciera realidad.
· Exulansis - Group Exhibition
        Catherine Shea Studio
opening - Fri, Sat, Dec 1, 2
· Exulansis - Exposición Colectiva
        Estudio Catherine Shea
inauguración - Viernes, Sábado, 1, 2 Dic
· The Parroquia's Modern Art
        by Natalie Taylor
All seemed to go well until a visit from the bishop who immediately disapproved.
· But of course, your heart goes everywhere with you
Reflections on October 7th

        by Ayelet Tsabari
I don't know how to live in a world that justifies such evil in the name of social justice.
· Location, Location, Location - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
On the other side of a concrete wall there was practically no Wi-Fi signal at all.
· Crossword Puzzle - 19a
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
November 19
· Truth Matters
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
Our most dangerous enemies are within, our persons and our society, if only because they are the closest.
· "Prolonged Romance" with Mexico, Charles Macomb Flandrau
        by Philip Gambone
"Everyone is groping his way—like Cortés on his prodigious march up from the sea."
· Transcending Trauma Through Art
exhibit - Fri, Sat, Sun, Sat, Nov 17-19 and 25

        by Wade Sather
This lost part of me paints and, through this art I learn more about what I went through, what we went through.
· Pink Nails
        by Debra Thompson
The pages are deliberately crafted to evoke an ancient feel.
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico,Markets, part 1, From the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
Fresh churros are scooped from sizzling vats, sprinkled with sugar and handed over in a bouquet of sweetness.
· Clavos Rosas
        por Debra Thompson
Las páginas están elaboradas deliberadamente para evocar un aire antiguo.
· Day of the Dead from, The Broken Hummingbird
        by Ann Marie Jackson
As thoroughly as he has adapted to Mexican life, he still shrinks from the loudest mysteries.
· Swoon and Understand - Collins and Lannon
opening - Friday, November 24

        by Luisa Ruiz
"Painting has become an obsession."
· Reminded of Our Jewishness
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Our Jewish core has emerged stronger than ever these past few weeks.
· 5 Collages / 5 Colages
        by/por Béa Arronson
See the pictorial / Ver el pictórico
· Sexy Sells - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
A long list of needless and worthless changes for the sake of change.
· Crossword Puzzle - 19
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
November 12
· More Flowers for Algernon
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
It's easy to see how others are wrong; more difficult to grasp my own mistakes.
· Tina Modotti: Mexicana ad Honorem
        by Philip Gambone
...the "first revolutionary photographic exhibition in Mexico."
· Possessed by the Saints, Obiní Batá
        by Richard Adelman
There are many instances of white Americans or Europeans becoming unexpectedly and genuinely possessed.
· The Unpredictability of Watercolor, Joye Moon
workshop - Tues, Wed, Nov. 14, 15

        by Laurent Benoist
My inspiration begins with a white piece of paper and the possibilities it presents.
· Fleurs du Mal, Art and Poetry; Kathleen Cammarata, Janet McAdams, Catherine Marenghi
        opening - Sunday, November 19
Each illustration plays with the relationship between realistic plants and invented botany.
· Two Goodbyes, Catita's Daughter
        by Luisa Ruiz
Wait for me at the entrance, I'll be there soon.
· Dos despedidas, La hija de Catita
        por Luisa Ruiz
Espérame en la entrada que no tardo.
· I Read the News Today, Oh Boy
        by Alfred Lanier
I always thought of myself as an optimist.
· The Root Causes of Moral Evil
        by Edward Rothstein
Western intellectuals will never stop making excuses for terrorists.
· Not If, But When - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
This has created yet another situation that could potentially spell disaster for computer users.
· Crossword Puzzle - 18
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
November 5
· Representing the Tribe
        by Dr. David Fialkoff, Editor / Publisher
We elevate even the saints.
· The Haunting Voice of Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo
        by Philip Gambone
Her images are all believable in the way dreams are: irrational but emotionally potent.
· The Broken Hummingbird, Ann Marie Jackson, Book Launch Party
        Photos by Lander Rodríguez
"This novel makes the reader feel emotion with every fiber of their being."
- Camila Sánchez Bolaño, Editor-in-Chief, Newsweek en Español
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico, Churches, part 2, From the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
...the laughter of children playing, and the splashing of fountains.
· Born to Weave; Father and Son Master Weavers Friday-Saturday, Nov. 4-5
        by Barbara Erickson
Like his father, Jacobito revels in using super fine yarns.
· Fifty Years of Painting, Maru Vázquez, Exhibition
        Galería Calderoni
Thanks to those who opened some doors and closed others so that I could grow.
· Cincuenta Años de Pintura, Maru Vázquez, Exposición
        Galería Calderoni
Gracias a quienes abrieron las puertas y cerraron otras para que yo pudiera crecer.
· Fashion Parade 2023, Fashion in Film, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 6pm
        by Lucy Novaro; photos by Isabel Castejón
...to pay homage to cinema, creating a collection inspired by a film and a character.
· Fashion Parade 2023, La Moda en el Cine, Martes 7 Nov. 6pm
        por Lucy Novaro; fotos por Isabel Castejón
...a rendir homenaje al cine creando una colección inspirada en una película.
· Unity
        Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Their oneness transcends their differences.
· The War Against the Jews: Some thoughts on the first pogrom of the 21st century
        by David Blumenthal
"Liberty, equality, and fraternity." "All men are created equal." It wasn't true.
· The Fix is Out - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Over the last decade Apple laptops have steadily decreased in their reparability score.
· Crossword Puzzle - 15
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
October 29
· Other Rules
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
War suspends social rules. Killing people becomes, if not ok, then necessary.
· Sweat Drawings, Ri Anderson, opening
Saturday, October 28

        Photographic Gallery SMA
Her images are all believable in the way dreams are: irrational but emotionally potent.
· An Old Pipe Organ Gets a New Wind
        by Alfred Lanier
The organ was meticulously dismantled, shipped to San Miguel and reassembled.
· Territorial Defense in Wirikuta
        by Martín Buen Viaje
The Center for Environmental Regeneration fosters a conscious and regenerative tourism.
· Defensa Territorial en Wirikuta
        por Martín Buen Viaje
El Centro de Regeneración Ambientalfomenta un turismo consciente y regenerativo.
· Give me Soul
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Enough with the superficial rituals.
· Four Collage Poems
        by Béa Aaronson
Urgently Required / French Connection / to inspire you
· Late October Rain
        by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher
The patio's plants all seem dressed in glistening new skin
· Who Owns Your Computer - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
...required to pay a subscription fee every month in order to turn on your computer.
· Crossword Puzzle - 17
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
October / Octubre 2023
October 22
· Nostalgia
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Local musician Doug Robinson congratulated me on my heart-felt rendition, "David, I had no idea."
· An Urban Vampire: Luis Zapata's Pioneering Gay Novel
        by Philip Gambone
"Move on but where to? Where could I go that'd be different?"
· San Miguel de Allende: the soul of mexico, Churches, part 1, from the book
        by Cathi and Steven House
A cacophony of barking dogs, roosters, and twittering birds, sometimes the explosion of fireworks, accompany the bells.
· The Day of the Dead Festivities, Galería Intersección
        by Margaret Failoni
Fábrica la Aurora, Art Walk, Saturday, October 28, 5-8pm
· En celebración del Día de Muertos, Galería Intersección
        por Margaret Failoni
Fábrica la Aurora, Paseo del Arte
Sábado 28 de Octubre, 5-8pm
· Rokas Valuntonis, Lithuanian Pianist, Artist of the City Music Foundation
Monday, October 30, 7pm

        by Susan Chapman
For his many achievements, Rokas Valuntonis has been honoured with the prestigious Queen Morta Award.
· Learning to Care: Noah
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
One way to cure indifference is to experience suffering.
· Film Reviews
Compartimiento Cinematográfica

        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
It is an impressive debut for director Ami.
· A Near Perfect Crime - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
What can we do to protect ourselves against this scam?
· Crossword Puzzle - 16
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
October 15
· The Oldest Hatred
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
If you want to free Palestine, start by freeing the Palestinians from Hamas.
· A "Hymn to Life": Diego Rivera's Portrait of Juleen Compton
        by Philip Gambone
"The best I have done grew out of things deeply felt, the worst from pride in mere talent."
· Fabricated Visions, Kirsten Hoving
PhotoGraphic Gallery

        by Jo Brenzo
...a collection of evocative photographs printed on silk and combined with secondary photographs or paper collage.
· Textures of Life - Wendy Moyer
opening Thursday, October 19, 6pm

        by Viridiana Gutierrez
Each artwork is a salute to the survivors and those still fighting.
· Waxing and Waning, G-d Asks Forgiveness
        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
Sometimes even G-d begs forgiveness.
· You Can't Do It Alone
        by Frank Thoms
San Miguel is the city of "likes." Sometimes I think it is as if we live in Facebook.
· Endangered Treasures, The History of Art in San Miguel
        by Natalie Taylor
The ones that remain, are historical treasures that ought to be protected and preserved.
· Magic at a Women's Gathering, Calling the Circle
Monday-Wednesday, November 6-8

        by Glen Rogers
"The world will be saved by the Western woman." - the Dalai Lama
· Tracing the Route - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
The most important tool anyone who uses the internet needs to learn how to use.
· Crossword Puzzle - 14
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
October 8
· Yesteryear Today
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I'm not much for lines, so, somewhat criminally, I stepped in through the exit.
· Off the Wall, Three Brilliant Women Artists, Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Wendy Moyer
opening - Fri. Oct. 13, 4pm

        by Carlos Ordóñez
The range of work is wonderfully staggering.
· Erased Saints, Kathleen Cammarata
Open Studio, Sunday, October 15, 1-4pm

The drawings beg the question, "Who decides what is holy and what is not?"
· Where is Home? - Playing Poker With Time, collage and poem
        by Béa Aaronson
Dreaming of another something / Another somewhere / Another somebody
· You've Got Cookies
        by Richard Adelman
Then he raised his fist into the air and exclaimed, "¡Tienes galletas!" (You've got cookies).
· DOctubre, Documentary Month
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
Their continued efforts have been instrumental in salvaging the Mexican non-fiction film industry.
· Springing Forward, Shemini Atzeres / Simchas Torah
Sunday, October 8, 10am

        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
...a spiritual springboard, allowing us to "go from strength to strength" into and throughout the year
· Light or Dark? - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Even today I do not know if that is sound medical advice or just advertising hype.
· Desde el Muro, Tres Brillantes Mujeres Artistas, Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Wendy Moyer
Inauguración – Viernes 13 de octubre, 4pm

        por Carlos Ordóñez
La variedad de obras es maravillosamente asombrosa.
October 1
· The Next Big Thing
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The world did not evolve from nothing as a random, chaotic power-grab.
· "Something a little more accurate than fiction": The Mexico of John Dos Passos
        by Philip Gambone
"Every poor man socialista. But when you get rich, quick you all very much capitalista."
· Art Flourishes in SMA, Instituto Allende 1955-1968
Peter Olwyler, photo opening - Wed. Oct. 4, 6pm

Images of the Mexican culture of the land of the Feathered Serpent, the Bajio of Mexico.
· Carvers of Apaseo el Alto, Javier Ulloa
opening - Sat. Sun. Oct. 14, 15

        by Walter Hodges
Piece by piece, he built his business out of wood and the force of his will.
· The Dilemma of the Modern Era: AI
        by José Luis Mendoza
This reminds me of Hal 9000 in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
· All Together: Sukkot
Sunday, October 1, 3-6:30pm

        by Rabbi Daniel Huebner
The message of dwelling in the sukkah is also one of unity
· What's the Charge? - The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Never drain or over-charge them!
· El Dilema de la Era Modern: IA
        por José Luis Mendoza
Esto me recuerda a Hal 9000 en la película 2001, Odisea del Espacio.
· Crossword Puzzle - 12
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
September / Septiembre 2023
September 24
· On One Foot
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
People who believe in purpose and meaning live healthier, longer lives.
· "Pretty darn swell" - John Dos Passos in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
"The great hopes of Zapata and his men still stalk the land unappeased."
· Accessibility in Baja California, Casa Cabo Pulmo, House + House Architects
        by Cathi and Steven House
...a tropical desert between the rugged Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and the luminous Sea of Cortes.
· Kings of the Campo, 3 Kings' Day Toy Drive
        by Les Pearson
The reward for me is knowing that the children feel loved and special.
· Entrance of Xúchiles, pictorial, Saturday, September 30
        by Thomas Humphrey, photos and text
This ceremony of indigenous origin dates from 1531.
· Empowering Women, The Rug Hooking Project, Tours Every Thursday
        by Charlotte Bell
We began bringing these rugs to the United States to sell at shows and stores.
· Recovering My $1000, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
What I did not know was that my bank was going to try to get away with ignoring that law.
· A Light of San Miguel / Una Luz de SMA
        by / por Jack Paulus
Pictorial / Pictórico
· Entrada de los Xúchiles, Sábado, 30 de Septiembre
        por Thomas Humphrey, fotos y texto
Esta ceremonia de origen indígena data de 1531.
· Crossword Puzzle - 11
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
September 17
· Old Friends and New
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Rolling my eyes while my old laptop dawdles is good for them.
· A Traveler, not a Tourist: Sybille Bedford's Mexican Sojourn
        by Philip Gambone
"Her writing is like the conversation of a clever, worldly friend who we wish would come by more often."
· Leaving LA
        by Cyn Posner
Most of my life I've tried to be invisible, hiding under rugs, to not be eaten alive by sharks.
· Mexico Historical Portraits - pictorial / pictórico
Saturdays, Sept. 23 and 30

        by Virginia Harford
Photos in this exhibition, Mexico Historical Portrait, were taken 56 years ago in 1967.
· Irene Dubrovsky, Galería Intersección
pictorial / pictórico
· A Heartbreaking Song on a Permanent Loop
        by Robert J Hawkins
I was ready to let the song haunt me all night.
· Artistic Treasures of the Parroquia, Part II
        by Natalie Taylor
It was the font in which Ignacio Allende was baptized in 1769
· To Search or Not to Search -The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
"Stay away from the internet! It’s nothing but a cesspool of scams and viruses."
· Crossword Puzzle - 10
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
September 10
· Helping Ourselves
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
If you take money out of the equation, it doesn't add up.
· ¡Hola Papi!
Life as an Authentic Latino

        by Philip Gambone
"We can't live without stories."
· Botanical Garden Wins 100 Women Grant
        by Laurel Delp
El Charco opened to the public in July, 1991 with a ceremony that took place during a total eclipse of the sun
· Heaven and Earth, Iconography - video
        by Mary Jane Miller
I didn't know that you could paint them. I thought that they were all relics.
· A New Russell Monk Exhibition: IMPÁVIDO
His work, depicting the plight of the homeless in Tennessee is housed in the Museum of Civil Rights in Memphis.
· An Inconvenient Guest
        by José Luis Mendoza
Sir Alcohol, doesn't treat everyone the same... grabbing many by the neck and showing them the abyss of hell
· Bursting into Flames -The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Sleeping with her phone under her pillow might not be the smartest thing to do.
· Fusión Colonche 432 - A Musical Experience
An emotional journey through the sounds and traditions of Latin America.
· Un Invitado Incómodo
        por José Luis Mendoza
Don Alcohol, no trata a todos por igual. Siempre se encarga de tomar a muchos por el cuello y mostrarles los abismos del infierno.
· Fusión Colonche 432 - Una Experiencia Musical
Un viaje emocional a través de los sonidos y las tradiciones de América Latina.
· Crossword Puzzle - 9
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
September 3
· Game Theory
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The solution is not going to come from the top down. What we need is localism, not globalism.
· "Soar, Crimson Banner!"
Mayakovsky in Mexico

        by Philip Gambone
Russia’s culture minister recently called Mayakovsky "the first rapper."
· Market Performance - video
Opera, Sat, Sept. 2, 6pm

A happening in Mercado Ignacio Ramírez
· Galería Intersección
Fabrica de Aurora Art Walk
Sat. Sept. 2, 5-7pm

pictorial / pictórico
· Maye Mora Salas
Fabrica de Aurora Art Walk
Sat. Sept. 2, 5-7pm

pictorial / pictórico
· The World in the Vein of a Leaf, Botanicals of Jan Hendrix, Museo Casa de la Canal, Citibanamex
        by Natalie Taylor
"The artist is the most useless factor creating the most useful stuff."
· Beware the Internet of Things, part 2: The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Do you really need to be able to use your smart phone to control the thermostat?
· Vicente Hernández en San Miguel - exhibición
        por José Camilo López
"Cada obra suya, cual puesta en escena, encierra su propia dramaturgia."
· El Mundi en la Veta de una Hoja, los botánicos de Jan Hendrix, Museo Casa de la Canal, Citibanamex
        por Natalie Taylor
"El artista es el factor más inútil que crea las cosas más útiles".
· Crossword Puzzle - 8
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
August / Agosto 2023
August 27
· Learning to Move
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
With apologies to those who believe that the sexes are equal, studies have shown that men recognize fewer colors.
· "Arrested for the size of my heart" - Jack Kerouac's Mexico City Blues
        by Philip Gambone
In pain from phlebitis and "very high," he wrote the first 150 choruses during one feverish week.
· Simpler Times
        by José Luis Mendoza
The excessive accumulation of data can make it difficult to identify what is truly relevant and valuable.
· The Adventures of Martín Buen Viaje - video
        by Martín Buen Viaje
A conversation on a lost ranch in Oaxaca with an old mezcal master transformed me.
· Witness to an Historical Event
        by Natalie Taylor
The huge building is architecturally stark, with hardly any decorative elements in the exterior; it covers a full block square.
· Falling Off the Grid: NOT the Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
It seems that my other friend sort of panicked when I did not show up for our breakfast date that morning.
· El Vértigo de la Sobreabundancia
        por José Luis Mendoza
La acumulación desmedida de datos puede dificultar la identificación de lo realmente relevante y valioso.
· Las aventuras de Martín Buen Viaje - video
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Una plática en un rancho perdido en Oaxaca con un viejo maestro mezcalero me transformó.
· Crossword Puzzle - 7
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
August 20
· Too Rich, Too Smart
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
His brilliancy keeps jumping the tracks, but I keep buying tickets to get back on the ride.
· The Sad, Dignified Gaze of Rigoberto González
        by Philip Gambone
...the fascination, and shock, of rummaging around in a cubby full of his grandmother's intimate things.
· Mentoring Soul, The Center for Architecture Sustainability + Art, CASA
        by Cathi and Steven House
We make them into better architects, more aware, better able to use their mind, heart and soul...
· Winning Mexico's First Prize for Watercolor
        by Robert Charles Murray II
...the twisting agony of time mixed with the beautiful abundance of the prickly pear just at its ripest point.
· Getting Off the Train
        by Martín Buen Viaje
Today, seeing reality through new lenses, I notice that slavery has taken on a modern version.
· A Lucky Penny
        by Noren Cáceres, owner La Frontera
...to look beyond the hand to mouth reality that I have lived by.
· Bajarse del tren
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Hoy en día, al ver la realidad con nuevos lentes, noto que la esclavitud ha adquirido una versión moderna.
· Beware the Internet of Things, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Nothing could be further from the truth... in fact many thousands of miles further.
· Crossword Puzzle - 6
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
August 13
· At Least I Know I'm Crazy
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The world can be divided into two types of people, those who know that they are crazy and those who don't.
· A "small, quiet pleasure": San Miguel 75 Years Ago
        by Philip Gambone
Beyond the town, he noted "a bleak church with forbidding gray walls." This was the church of San Antonio.
· Horror and Mockery, Open-Pit Mines
        by José Luis Mendoza
Let's promote alternatives that prioritize the conservation of our natural heritage and the dignity of our communities.
· Four Openings, Lavinia's Art Space Anniversary
Thursday, August 31, 4-7pm

        by Lokkal
pictorial preview
· Healers Beyond Boundaries Return to San Miguel
Wed, Aug 16 - Sat, Aug 26

"We can witness miracle healings happen and people's lives change in amazing ways."
· The Queen of the Night, Surprise Encore
        by Robert J. Hawkins
As we stayed up the other night and watched our epiphyllum oxypetalum burst forth like hot white fireworks.
· It Hasn't Rained Much, But When It Has - video
        by Unkown
· Horror y burla, las minas a cielo abierto
        por José Luis Mendoza
Es hora de proteger lo que es nuestro, luchar por un futuro sostenible y justo.
· One of the World's Most Notorious Hackers, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
Kevin was in and out of trouble with the law, including three years on the run from the FBI.
· Crossword Puzzle - 5
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
August 6
· Picnicking as Prayer
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The Europeans make fun of Americans for our habit of bathing so frequently.
· Frida Kahlo in America - "Her paintings are her biography."
        by Philip Gambone
"...deep down it's all real shit…. I'm completely disappointed by the famous United States."
· 19th Century Photographs of Mexico, Galería Atotonilco
now open daily without an appointment

        by Susan Page
He put them in a drawer and, for 40 years, did nothing with them.
· Chamber Music Festival, Program Notes
        by Fredric Dannen
August 4-20
· A Visual Adventure, Fen Lasell Paintings
Sat. Aug. 12, Fabrica Art Walk

        by Holly Green
"My aim is to lead the eye on a visual adventure."
· Tibetan Monks in San Miguel
program - August 9-20
· Mary Jane Miller, video
        San Miguel Archive Project
· "Where do You Get Your Ideas for Paintings?"
        by Henry Vermillion
He found a pistol in the jailer's desk and mortally shot one jailer.
· The History of Art in SMA, The church of San Juan de Dios
        by Natalie Taylor
There is a depiction of hell beneath, flames and hands of the damned raised upwards.
· La Historia del Arte en San Miguel: La iglesia de San Juan de Dios
        por Natalie Taylor
Hay una representación del infierno debajo de todo, llamas y manos de los condenados levantadas hacia arriba.
· Inviting Trouble, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
...unlocking the virtual front door and leaving it wide open
· Crossword Puzzle - 4
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
July 30
· Atención Returns
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Whoever steps forward now has to raise something up out of the ashes.
· Kerouac's Mexican Spiritual Odyssey - "Never had my fill of Thee"
        by Philip Gambone
"one horror after another as usual in Doom Mexico."
· Carving a Life, opening - Saturday, Sunday, August 5-6
        by Walter Hodges
...it allows her to disappear into her work.
· The Forest Dreams of Carbon Sequestration
        by Martín Buen Viaje
I was to be the eye in the air with my drone.
· A Skeptic Discovers Energy Healing
        by Richard Gordon
The evolution of our consciousness and human possibilities are nearly limitless.
· My Neighbor, Her Broom and Love
        by José Luis Mendoza
She was sweeping a piece of the street and sidewalk that wasn't hers; it was mine.
· La Parroquia - Like You've Never Seen It / Como nunca has visto
        by / por Jack Paulus
Watch the video / Ver el video
· Looking for Míster San Miguel
        by Alfredo Lanier, El Rancho Santa Clara Blog
...figures of fearsome Aztec warriors ready to slay some mythical enemy.
· El Bosque soñó y los bonos de carbono atrapó
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Ya es un logro que podamos conservar los pocos pulmones que nos quedan.
· La vecina, la escoba y el amor.
        por José Luis Mendoza
¿Estaba barriendo la calle y banqueta de otras personas y que no le correspondían?
· Battery Power
        by Charles Miller
Batteries do not necessarily have to be made using toxic materials.
· Crossword Puzzle - 3
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
July / Julio 2023
July 23
· I Loved Atención, Too
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
You can't please all of the people all of the time.
· "A Kind of Shangri-la" - Jack Kerouac's Mexico (Part 1)
        by Philip Gambone
Mexico gave Kerouac the freedom to revolutionize American literature.
· Another Amazonian Journey
        by Martín Buen Viaje
Thank you Spirit Jungle of my heart.
· Art for the Children, Rodarte Artisan Fair, Saturday, Sunday, Aug. 5, 6
        Instituto Allende
...children's art classes are conducted in collaboration with renowned artists and established galleries.
· Barbara Dobarganes - video
        San Miguel Archive Project
"After the Second World War, with the GI Bill of Rights, this was a crazy town."
· 16 nights. 16 Spanish wines.
        by Don Day
Join me as I recall the journey, tell you a little about each stop, and how I rated them.
· The Music in Our Lives
        by José Luis Mendoza
I have been a teacher for over 30 years, with countless experiences of all kinds.
· Otro Viaje Amazónico - pictórico
        by Martín Buen Viaje
Gracias Pacha selva de mi corazón
· Como nos afecta la música que escuchamos.
        por José Luis Mendoza
He sido maestro por más de 30 años, con un sinnúmero de experiencias de todo tipo.
· There's No Charge, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
It may come as a surprise to you, as it did to me...
· Crossword Puzzle - 2
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
July 16
· Who's Happy Now? - Atención
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The Mexicans say, "Pueblo chico; inferno grande," Little town, big hell.
· DH Lawrence in Mexico; the Mystery of the Primeval World
        by Philip Gambone
When Lawrence is good, he's very, very good; but when he's bad, he's horrid.
· The Parroquia, part I, History of Art in San Miguel
        by Natalie Taylor with photos by Jack Paulus
The crypt beneath the floor in front of the altar is open during Day of the Dead celebrations.
· Notes of a Lifetime, Jazz in Mexico; Documentary / Q&A with Director/ Cocktail Reception, Tuesday, July 18
        by Soco Aguilar
It took you 18 years from story idea to premiere to produce Notas de una Vida, the history of Mexican jazz.
· A Celtic Forge in the 21st Century
        by Martín Buen Viaje
With a hammer fit for Thor, he began to forge a sword, blow after blow.
· Trials and Transformation, Poetry & Prose Café Summer Pop-Up, Thursday, July 20
        by Maia Williams
The case is sabotaged by a CIA interrogator...
· Hollywood to SMA, Acclaimed Cinematographer Exhibits, MyStudio Art Walk, Sat. Sun, July 15, 16
        by Henrietta Weekes
"Working on the set of Coppola's The Cotton Club was like a mafia scene."
· Luna de Queso, A New Chapter Begins, Storewide Sale Now
        by Mariana Peraza
Maintaining such an exclusive inventory has become increasingly challenging.
· La Parroquia, parte I, La Historia del Arte en SMA
        por Natalie Taylor con fotos por Jack Paulus
La cripta debajo del piso frente al altar se abre y se puede visitar durante las celebraciones del Día de los Muertos.
· Jazz en México, Documental / Una sesión de preguntas con el director / Cóctel, Martes, 18 de Julio
        por Soco Aguilar
Pasaron 18 años, desde el concepto inicial hasta el estreno de "Notas de una vida", una cautivadora exploración de la historia del jazz mexicano.
· Un Celta Forjador en Pleno Siglo XXI
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Con un martillo digno de Thor, comenzó a forjar una espada, golpe tras golpe.
· There's No Place Like Home, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
At the time, the internet was so small that almost everyone connected to the network personally knew almost everyone else.
July 9
· Our Hometown Newspaper
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The Atención that we knew and loved left the building a long time ago
· Here Life is Fiesta, Marina Wister in Mexico
        by Philip Gambone
She loved the "antique dignity" of the people she encountered: women squatting by little stoves...
· Our Town Clock
        by Martín Buen Viaje
When necessary he would fight like a wild dog.
· Woodcarvers Of Apaseo el Alto
        by Walter Hodges
You can count on the fingers of no hands the number of white folks walking the streets in Aapaseo.
· Isis Rodriguez Challenges the Quinceañera, opening - Saturday July 15
        by Zyanya Gallegos
...a cross cultural experience bridging the gap between ancient and modern Mexico.
· New, Bestselling, English-Language
Aurora Bookstore Opens

        by Catherine Marenghi
As a loving gift the community, she has given birth to beautiful Aurora Books
· Church of San Rafael, Part II, History of SMA Art
        by Natalie Taylor with photos by Jack Paulus
The painting shows great antiquity in technique and evidence of aging of the canvas.
· MyStudio San Antonio Art Walk, Sat. Sun, July 15, 16, 11am-5pm
See the 43 Artists here
· Mother Water
        by José Luis Mendoza
Water, blood of my land, liquid and pristine love...
· ¿Por qué medir el tiempo?
        por Martín Buen Viaje
Peleaba como perro salvaje cuando era necesario.
· Templo de San Rafael, Parte II, La Historia del Arte en SMA
        por Natalie Taylor con fotos por Jack Paulus
La pintura muestra una gran antigüedad en la técnica y evidencias del envejecimiento del lienzo.
· Madre Agua
        por José Luis Mendoza
Agua, sangre de mi tierra, amor líquido y prístino...
· Thank You for That Question, The Computer Corner
        by Charles Miller
The most astounding thing about ChatGPT it its adoption rate; in only two months it has accrued 100 million users.
· Crossword
        by Sheridan Sansegundo
July 2
· My Publishing Career
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The publisher spent a lot of money trying to revive her, but the old lady wouldn't come back.
· Artistic Treasures of San Rafael Church: History of Art in SMA
        by Natalie Taylor with photos by Jack Paulus
At least now they will remain forever in the photos taken that day.
· Trashing the Charco: Environmental Vandalism
        by Marni Hills
Dumping trash in an open field should be illegal, but is it?
· Farewell to our beloved Atención
        by José Luis Mendoza
...the digital heartbeat that will keep the spirit of San Miguel alive.
· Who Is In Charge?
        by Béa Aaronson
For our children, the trees of the world.
· Los Tesoros Artísticos del Templo de San Rafael: La Historia del Arte en SMA
        por Natalie Taylor con fotos por Jack Paulus
Al menos ahora quedarán para siempre en las fotos que se sacaron ese día.
· Adiós a nuestro querido Atención
        por José Luis Mendoza
...el latido digital que mantendrá vivo el espíritu de San Miguel.
· ¿Quien Esta a Cargo?
        por Béa Aaronson
Para nuestros niños, los arboles del mundo.
· This Week's News
June / Junio 2023
June 25
· A Happy Father's Day
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
How can the child conceptualize the ancestral traumas that give rise to his personal suffering?
· Flights of Imagination In Paper: Today's Artists of San Miguel
        by Natalie Taylor
"It seems the flag has been sullied of late."
· Ancient Chapel Jewels
        by Joseph Toone
Seraphim are angels that do nothing but sing. Hence, in art, they are just heads.
· Flamenco Taurino, Some Stories and Drawings
Fridays and Saturdays

        by Britt Zaist
I stayed up way too late last night putting together this post.
· UFOs in SMA
        by Lokkal
A webcam shows strange happenings in the sky behind our beloved Parroquia.
June 18
· A Second Chance
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Our genes turn on and off in relation to our surrounding environment.
· Artist to Artist: Victoria and Juan
        by Bonnie Lee Black
He sometimes didn't have enough to eat and wore shoes from the dump.
· Art Sleuthing in San Miguel
        by Natalie Taylor
I was left with some tales told by some of the tour guides.
· Our Valient Volunteer Firefighters
Gala, dinner, art auction, Thursday, June 22

        by José Luis Mendoza
They risk their lives to keep us safe.
· Nuestros Queridos Bomberos
Gala, cena, subasta de arte, Jueves 22 de Junio

        por José Luis Mendoza
Se arriesgan para mantenernos a salvo de incendios y otros desastres.
June 11
· Burn It Down
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"When Mexicans see you getting ahead, they want to pull you back."
· Henry Kissinger: SMA art director confronts the centenarian
        by Jerelle Kraus
I jumped onto the stage and addressed him in German, his native tongue.
· The History of Art in SMA: Casta paintings (Part II)
        by Natalie Taylor
The paintings were commissioned as a type of catalog to identify the racial mixtures in the New World.
· Group Exhibition, Bellas Artes
opening, Wednesday, June 14, 5pm

see the pictorial
· Los Locos Unmasked: Like You've Never Seen It
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Each truck contains enough speakers to amplify a concert at a mid-sized arena.
June 4
· Sweet Madness
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
We humans survived, not because we are fast or strong, but because we cooperate.
· Mother Nature's Magical Metamorphosis
        by Natalie Taylor
Once submerged they die, leaving seeds behind that sprout when the waters recede.
· Law and Order in SMA
        by Alfredo Lanier
Maybe officers fear retaliation if they pursue criminals too zealously.
· Learning to Draw
        by Noren Cáceres, owner La Frontera
"Back off, you're stepping on my dog."
May / Mayo 2023
May 28
· Siren
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Think of it as mental tasing.
· Art History SMA: The Chapel of the Virgin of Loreto (Part II)
        by Natalie Taylor with photos by Jack Paulus
...a reminder of SMA's wealth during the 18th and early 19th centuries.
· Dancing With Life, Debra Deutsch Oliver, opening - Friday, June 2
My hope is that my art can touch the part of the human spirit that ignites joy.
· What I've Been Messing Around With
        by Stephen Goodfellow
...the gauntlet of ruthless mental pruning, so necessary considering my unwinding life-clock.
May 21
· Take Me Out
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Civilization is carried forth to deny the horror of existence.
· Jaguar: Voice of a Territory, Documentary, Concert, Saturday, May 27
"To be able to understand the importance of keeping ancestral traditions alive."
· MyStudio Art Walk Rides Again
        by by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Organizing artists is like herding cats.
· Normalizing Violence?
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
How can we allow our mothers, sisters and daughters to be murdered?
· Normalizando la Violencia?
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Normalizar la violencia puede tener graves consecuencias.
May 14
· A Boy On a Beach
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Below the border, the simple things of living take on mysterious significance.
· Art History SMA: The Chapel of the Virgin of Loreto (Part I)
        by Natalie Taylor with photos by Jack Paulus
Father Juan Francisco was pleased to view it through the zoom lens, since he himself had never seen it up close.
· Metamorphosis Series, art
        by Elvia Samaniego
I experiment with different techniques and framing, exploring the answers to disturbing themes.
· The search for SMA's best burger continues
        by Don Day
Don Day must be one helluva romantic guy to remember all of those nitty gritty details.
May 7
· Self-Hating Jews
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Q is very Jewish and a bit shy and guilty about it, which is also very Jewish.
· Ronnie Cummins, Vía Orgánica Cofounder

We will continue this fight in his honor.
· Subdued
        by Bonnie Lee Black
Why are older women the largest users of antidepressants in the US?
· The Avalanche of Images
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
It was a delight to imagine without being run over by an avalanche of pre-digested images.
· Atropellados por una avalancha de imágen
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Era una delicia imaginar lugares, situaciones, personas, sin tener una avalancha de imágenes pre digeridas.
April 30
· Bump, Bump, Bump
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
America has turned into a theme-park, polished, but inauthentic.
· Exuberant Mexico, Polly Stark Ortega:
Recent Works - Monday, May 8

The work plunges into memories of childhood as an expat kid in a 70s SMA.
· Art History SMA: The image chronicler
        by Natalie Taylor
It is a mix of surprise and horror...
· Selling Miracles
        by Noren Cáceres, owner La Frontera
I have made it difficult for myself, fought growing up every step of the way.
April / Abril 2023
April 23
· Where's Home?
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Home is where people understand, and care to understand.
· A Home for Horchata; benefit party, Sun. Apr. 23
        by Marni Hills
She enjoys the good life all dogs deserve.
· "Deserve What You Dream": Remembering Octavio Paz
        by Natalie Taylor
Man is nostalgia and a search for communion.
· Tools Not Rules, Drawing with Master Glenn Vilppu workshops, Apr. 24-28, Apr. 29-30
"There are no rules, just tools."
· Reconnecting with Our Clan: My Little Inner Voice
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Happiness and well-being do not depend on individual success.
· The Two Best Wine Bargains in Mexico
        by Don Day
There's a grassiness and a hint of apple that makes the flavor much more complex.
· La Importancia de reconectarse con nuestro sentido de Clan: mi vocecita interior
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Felicidad y el bienestar no dependen del éxito individual.
April 16
· Fear of Floating
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
People like a winner.
· Kuna Indians, Illustrated Series
        by Sofie Engström von Alten, text and art
I drew them in a playful style reminiscent of trading cards or superheroes.
· Art History SMA: a small, bright lamp
        by Natalie Taylor
"The biography of an artist is in his works."
· Faces of the Oratorio Procession
        by Jack Paulus
· Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
It helped spread the presence of Spanish conquistadors.
· One Mystery, One Hundred Miracles - Walk for Autism, Sat. Apr. 22
        by Joyce Grenis
His parents knew they needed help, but didn't know where to look.
· Diving into an ocean of delights
        by Don Day
A feast for the eye, the tongue, the body and the soul. At Marios.
· Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Se consolidó la presencia de los conquistadores españoles en la región.
April 9
· Fallen Beauty
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
There is a metaphor in all this, probably several, especially for someone as old as me.
· The Secret Tunnels of San Miguel
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
These corridors moved goods and people safely, serving as escape routes and as hiding places.
· The Holy Burial Procession, Semana Santa
        by Marni Hills
It is a great honor to participate in the procession. Many older families have been part of it for generations.
· Blowing Up the Judases
        by Marni Hills
To the crowd's delight, the explosion is impressive.
· Four things I want from a restaurant. And one restaurant that gives me all four.
        by Don Day
I asked if we could have the best table, the one beside the "babbling brook".
· Los túneles secretos de San Miguel
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Una vía segura para mover bienes y personas, como escondites o vías de escape.
· Otra Incubación
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto, arte
Su segunda salida de la incubadora, el renacimiento del artista que fue de niño.
April 2
· The Devil's Due
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
It never occurs to me that I might just be a lonely old man.
· Revolutionary Art or Artistic Revolution?
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution." - Subcomandante Marcos, Zapatista National Liberation Movement
· Art History SMA: Morlete, the 18th Century
        by Natalie Taylor
Morlete's paintings show family groups, with parents of different races, and their children.
· Another Incubation
        by Alejandro Anaya, text, art, photos
The rebirth of the artist that he was as a child.
· Spirit and Food: Luna de Queso
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Perhaps the main hallmark of exuberant Mexico is that the social is not an interruption.
· Pilgrimage of the Lord of the Column
· ¿Arte Revolucionario o Revolución Artística?
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
"Lo sentimos por las molestias, pero esta es una revolución." - Subcomandante Marcos, Movimiento Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
March / Marzo 2023
March 26
· A Better Music Box
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Much effort is going into trying to teach machines to do what we humans will always do better.
· The Tianguis is not a Flea Market
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Motecuhzoma had a retinue of porters that ran in stages, like the Pony Express but without the horses.
· Women of San Miguel Who did it Their Way
        by Natalie Taylor
Josefa became involved with the revolutionary movement led by Ignacio Allende and Miguel Hidalgo.
· Truth, Justice, Passion, Luis Filcer - auction: Wednesday, March 29
There are over 60 museums around the world where Filcer's work can be seen.
· Romancing the Orchestra, Pro Musica Youth Orchestra - Thur. March 30
        by Maestro Robert Mari
Our next concert promises to be especially moving for me.
· Recent Acquisitions, Galería Atotonilco
open house - Sat. Sun. March 25, 26

        by Susan Page
On this buying trip, we have returned with some stunning pieces.
· Chile peppers. The guide to the dried.
        by Don Day
If they easily snap in half, they're probably old and will have lost some of their taste.
· El Tianguis no es un Mercado de Pulgas
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Motecuhzoma tenía un séquito de porteadores que corriendo y en relevos le traían pescado fresco desde el Golfo de México
March 19
· Not My Forte
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I didn't buy my first cellphone until two years ago.
· A Thread to Old San Miguel
        by Marni Hills, text and photos
The ups and downs of daily life that this hard-working man was describing to us were fascinating.
· Afternoon of Feminist Resistance
        by Irene Fuentes
Sir, ma'am, don't be indifferent, women are being killed in plain sight.
· Afghan Voices - Mon. March 20
        by Lia Gladstone, text and photos
"All Afghan girls want to be boys."
· Visionary Women, Art Talk - Saturdays
        Ana Thiel, Wendy Moyer, Debra Thompson
· The Décima: Poetry in Popular Song
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
At parties it is sometimes used in improvised challenges.
· "These tapas are better than any I've ever had in Spain."
        by Don Day
"I started from almost nothing and finished with a restaurant that was making more than a million Euros a year."
· La Poesía en la canción popular latinoamericana
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
En las fiestas es utilizada e veces en retas improvisadas.
March 12
· First We Take San Miguel
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
How many offers to participate in a project that might save the planet are they getting?
· Sketching: Capture and Creation
        by Alejandro Anaya, text, art, photos
Each piece begged me to interpret it with pen and paper in drawings.
· The Milpa, Wise Indigenous Agriculture
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Not all modern technology is better.
· Visions of the Sacred Feminine, Glen Rogers, Artist Talk - Tues. March 14 Glen weaves ancient mythologies with archetypal symbols from her travels to sacred sites around the world.
· Feminist Spiritual Art, Isis Rodriguez, opening, Saturday, March 18
        by Zyanya Gallegos
These paintings are showing the injustice and pain that women suffer.
· A very attractive woman. And very attractive fries. At Don Valente.
        by Don Day
The next day I was off to see Mariana. And those fries.
· Boceto: captura y creación
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto, arte
Cada pieza me pedía a gritos que lo interpretara con pluma y papel en un dibujo.
· La milpa, alta tecnología agrícola indígena.
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
No toda la tecnología moderna es mejor.
March 5
· The Last Goodbye
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
My guess is that Jake wasn't ready for the giggles.
· Windows of San Miguel
        by Alejandro Anaya, text, art, photos
Windows represent the thresholds that we cross from the known to the unknown.
· "Floating" Gardens, the Chinampa
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Mexico City is sinking, at a rate of about 50 centimeters per year.
· Cosmic Coincidence
        by Carmi Simon
I was penniless, living in a flophouse motel.
· Too Honest
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"The expression on my face gives away how I feel about it."
· Climbing up the food ladder. At Hacmans.
        by Don Day
...the dining area, nicely positioned in the northwest corner with one of the best sunset views in town.
· Las ventanas de San Miguel
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto, arte, fotos
Las ventanas representaban los umbrales que cruzamos de lo conocido a lo desconocido.
· Jardines 'Flotantes', Las Chinampas
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
La Ciudad de México se esté hundiendo a unos 50 centímetros por año.
February / Febrero 2023
February 26
· Art Walking San Antonio
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
In her perfect, but accented, English, Sara asked me, "Do you know everyone?"
· ¡Viva México!, Surreal and Resilient
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Mexico has snuck ingeniously between cataclysms and catastrophes.
· Other People's Dreams
        by Alejandro Anaya
For many of us San Miguel is the promised land, the place where dreams come true.
· Copper Vessels of Santa Clara
Gallery Atotonilco Open House, Sat, Sun, Feb. 25, 26

        by Susan Page
The town received the commission for the 1968 Olympic torch.
· Writers' Conference Adventures
        by Luba Nikolayev, text and photos
If it isn't a little scary, then it's probably not worthwhile.
· Visionaries, Six Women Artists: Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Glen Rogers, Kate Hunt, Martha E. López, Wendy Moyer
opening, Friday, March 3

        by Tania Noriz
· Oasis-Making, Tikkun
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"The judge gave me a choice: two years in Rikers or getting out of town in 24 hours."
· ¡Viva México!, Surreal y Resiliente
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
México se ha escabullido ingenioso entre cataclismos y catástrofes.
· Otros Sueños
        por Alejandro Anaya
Para muchos de nosotros San Miguel de Allende representa la tierra prometida.
· Visionarias, Seis Mujeres Artistas: Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Glen Rogers, Kate Hunt, Martha E. López, Wendy Moyer
inauguración, Viernes, 3 de Marzo

        por Tania Noriz
February 19
· Joining Forces
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Lunch was delicious, the food, of course, but especially my conversation with José Luis.
· Heaven in a Wildflower, Allan Baillie, Botanicals, Photography
opening - Sat, Feb. 18, 5-8pm

        by Phoebe Greyson
"Nature educates us into beauty and inwardness and is a source of the most noble pleasure."
· Veracruz Sketches, Reveries on the Papaloapan
        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
...multicolored houses, which are all dressed up, ready to party.
· Trazos de Veracruz, Ariles del Papaloapan
        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
...las casas multicolores, vestidas de fiesta
· Garbage and the Big Picture
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
When they warm up their car in the morning, my house fills with exhaust fumes.
· What Son Jarocho is for Me
Soledad, concert, Tue, Feb. 21

        by José Luis Mendoza Aubert
For me it is the Jazz of Mexico.
· Que es para mí el Son Jarocho
Soledad, concierto, Martes 21 de Feb.

        por José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Es el Jazz mexicano...
· MyStudio Art Walk, 2023, pictorial
        Peter A. Davis, Lindsay Duval, Suzy Taylor
Sat, Sun, Feb 18, 19
· Like walking into a hug. At Casa Nostra.
        by Don Day
It worked as, not unexpectedly, did the crowning glory of black truffles.
February 12
· Too Quiet
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Isolation, if it doesn't make you crazy, makes you sane.
· Two Historical Fiction Writers, a Conversation
        Sher Davidson and Catherine Marenghi
I can't tell you how long I searched for my great aunt's famous potato pie recipe, torta di patate.
· Incense and Herbal Magic
        by Carmi Simon
We were always the only white people in the store.
· Not Smart Enough
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Until very recently, the dominant scientific opinion about consciousness was that it didn't exist.
· Falling Up the Stairs, Janet Sternburg
        Talk - Friday, Monday, Feb. 17, 27
"She is one of those rare individuals... who is equally talented as a photographer and a writer."
· MyStudio Art Walk, 2023, pictorial
        Gaia Schilke, Lino Arteaga, Katrina Noel
Sat, Sun, Feb 18, 19
· SMA's bargain burger. Delivered. From La Frontera.
        by Don Day
Having La Frontera's burgers delivered to our door though was a bit of an accident.
February 5
· The Bells are Ringing
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Listening to White Christmas in a country where snow is unknown is bizarre.
· Happiness is an Inside Job
        by Luba Nikolayev, text and photos
What was the case in our recent move to San Miguel? Did I try to run away from my problems?
· MyStudio Art Walk, 2023, pictorial
        Alifie Rojas, Barry Weiss, Catherine Shea
Sat, Sun, Feb 18, 19
· Spending two hours in France. Without leaving San Miguel.
        by Don Day
"Love is like wine. It needs time. It needs to ferment."
January 29
· Eating and Sleeping
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Abundance is easier to realize, well-rested and with a full stomach.
· Entering an Indian Palace
        by Luba Nikolayev, text and photos
I've never heard this kind of music live before. Everything is new.
· Migrating Textiles, An Unexpected Benefit
        by Lena Bartula
Fri, Sat, Feb 3, 4
· Black Loft, pictorial
        by Valentina Deffís, photos and architectural design
This loft features locally-sourced materials...
· MyStudio Art Walk, 2023, pictorial
Sat, Sun, Feb 18, 19
· Liked it so much, I bought a box. OK, two.
        by Don Day
Had I found the new year's best bargain? Or had I fallen for some prettily packaged plonk?
January / Enero 2023
January 22
· Freedom's Cost
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Free speech is messy, but "the marketplace of ideas" works.
· Art from Upset, Post-Move Creativity
        by Alejandro Anaya, text and art
The trick is to use the upset to our advantage.
· The Art of Looking
        by Susan Fassberg
A stone vessel in an abandoned courtyard feels like a portal to another time and space.
· Searching for Lost Family, More than Cousins
Talk - Thur, Jan 26

        by Bruce Sarbit
"If Bruce Sarbit is still alive, tell him I am Alain Gaubert, the nephew of Charles Goldberg."
· The Nude Model, Figure This...
Opening, Sun, Jan 29

At that time the painters, spectators, and collectors were men.
· What the Hell Does He Know?
        Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Taking photos doesn't make you a photographer. Painting a canvas doesn't make you an artist.
· Creatividad Post Mudanza
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto y arte
Solo tenemos que aprender a usar la disrupción a nuestro favor.
· San Miguel's Forgotten (by me) Asian Restaurant
        by Don Day
It was rather revolutionary in its day. The first chef-driven restaurant ever in SMA.
· Where Can We Live in Peace?, ABBA House
        Documentary, Fri. Jan 27

The new center will be an example to the world of what is possible.
January 15
· Paying Attention
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I bend down and wash the cat's face with my still damp fingers.
· The Art of the Move
        by Alejandro Anaya, text, photos, art
This ordinary upheaval is also part of my artistic process.
· Duped
        by Claudia Peresman
Let's start right now by agreeing to understand the problems.
· El arte de la mudanza
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto, fotos, arte
El arte que hacemos nace justamente de todo ese caos, no solo de los cafecitos.
· A Funny Thing: Bothering Myself
        Dr. David, Chief Cook / Bottle-washer
One doesn't have to be Carl Jung to interpret this one.
· 5 Things You May not Know About SMA, and 5 Places to Lunch After You Do
        by Don Day
I hated history in school. But I love history when I’m knee deep in it.
· Son Jarocho Celebration: Suena el Fandango
        Concert, Tues, Jan 17
The most common instruments in the Son are... and the Donkey Jaw.
· Celebrando El Son Jarocho, Suena el Fandango
        Concierto, Martes, 17 de Ene.
En el son los instrumentos más comunes son... y la quijada de burro.
January 8
· Ring In the New
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I was a clever clown and everyone was gracious enough to allow and enjoy my foolery.
· Design Notes
        by Claudia Peresman
Most of us hesitate to stop the flow of traffic on a narrow sidewalk while we stop to admire a doorway.
· From the Mountain to the Valley
        by Valentina Deffís
...artisan hands of Mexican men and women working with ancestral techniques.
· De la montaña al valle
        Valentina Deffís
...manos artesanas de mexicanas y mexicanos que trabajan técnicas ancestrales.
· A Funny Thing: Yes, But No
        Dr. David, Chief Cook / Bottle-washer
Pushed too far, this man killed his master and escaped, finding refuge beside the spring on that mountainside.
· "The best traditional dish in the world". Right here in SMA.
        by Don Day
"Korean slaves brought to the region created the recipe using local ingredients."
January 1
· A Prayer for the Dead
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Those of us left behind need some sacred theater to come to terms with our loss.
· Halcyon Days: Daffodils
        by Eva Hunter
When they got out of the chairs, I pulled them back to their original positions in the room.
· A Funny Thing: Uncompensated
        by Dr. David, Chief Cook / Bottle-washer
"I've come to understand that there is a reason we are born into the wrong family."
· A Hidden Hometown Treasure
        by Alejandro Anaya, text and photos
It is impossible not to be surprised within that august enclosure.
· Un tesoro escondido en mi tierra
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto y fotos
Es imposible no sorprenderse al entrar a ese recinto.
December / Diciembre 2022
December 25
· Do Cats Go to Hell?
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Given someone else's warm lap and a better menu, my cat would leave and never give me another thought.
· Halcyon Days: Falling Down
        by Eva Hunter
It is quiet here in my San Antonio barrio on a rugged rocky street
· A Funny Thing: Painted into a Corner
        by Dr. David, Chief Cook / Bottle-washer
San Miguel is the only place where mothers tell their children to put on a coat before they go inside.
· Shaken not stirred. By Diego.
        by Don Day
Last Thursday evening, I had four cocktails. I wasn't celebrating anything, other than it being five o'clock.
· The Secret of Dr. Grinberg
film review

        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
...answers very few questions, but asks enough to keep viewers thinking long after the closing credits.
· My Queen Died Today
        by Bruce Stuart
To the Buckingham Palace we were called, To see my father receive a MBE
December 18
· Further Down the Road
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I've always made allowance for the egos of artists. They have to believe in themselves.
· On the Wings of a Butterfly
        by Ms. Dale Brous
Occasionally a limb might break from the sheer weight of the butterflies.
· The Stars of San Miguel
        by Alejandro Anaya, text and photos
Our brightest stars are not the metallic ones suspended over our head.
· Las Estrellas de San Miguel
        por Alejandro Anaya, texto y fotos
Nuestras estrellas más brillantes no son las metálicas que están suspendidas sobre las calles.
· Cha Cha Cha. The sequel's as good as the original.
        by Don Day
It isn't fancy food. It's fill your belly and make you feel good food.
· The Kings of the World, film review
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
"The other day I dreamed all men fell asleep... And the fences of the earth burned."
December 11
· On the Road Again
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Religion, like sex, is a deep-seated urge.
· Preserving Sea Turtles, La Sirena Gordita
        by Joseph Sorrentino
It's estimated that one in a thousand will survive.
· Advancing the Folk Art Tradition, Guadalupe Trejo
Workshops, Mon-Fri, Dec. 12-16 & 19-23

        by Alejandro Anaya
That ceremony changed me forever.
· Avanzando la tradición del arte popular, Guadalupe Trejo
Talleres, Lun-Vier 12-16 y 19-23 de Dic

        por Alejandro Anaya
Esa ceremonia me cambió para siempre
· The Beginnings of a New Museum, La Casa Hogar Mexiquito
        by Alejandro Anaya
Edgardo's artistic expertise evoking on its walls that noble spirit.
· El rostro de un nuevo museo, la Casa Hogar Mexiquito
        por Alejandro Anaya
Los murales son un importante acento en el magno proyecto que representa este museo.
· Bacalao is back. From Chef Maria.
        by Don Day
She served a buffet with a staggering 32 different dishes
· A 37-Minute Miracle, Le Pupille, film review
        by Nina Rodríguez
...a unique voice and an eye that captures humanity at its most complex.
December 4
· On the Road in SMA
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"You were sure that you were going to die."
· Zeferino's Dream
        by Alejandro Anaya
There is a lot of history behind the façade, and in it.
· El sueño de Zeferino
        por Alejandro Anaya
Inicialmente mucha gente criticó su diseño gótico.
· Scorpions, Coming to Terms: Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak
        by Mark Saunders
A little knowledge is dangerous, but a lot makes for a long string of sleepless nights.
· Liminal Dream: Ri Anderson's Mexico City Opening
I find this fantasy both seductive and terrifying, magical and threatening.
· Sueño Liminal: Ri Anderson Inauguración CDMX
Encuentro esta fantasía a la vez seductora y aterradora, mágica y amenazante.
· Hoppin' On Down to Venencia for Chapulines
        by Don Day
"I think the place to sit is at the bar. Let's saddle up".
· The Other Tom, film review
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
It is very much like real life wrapped up in a piece of fiction.
November / Noviembre 2022
November 27
· A Star is Born
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
First, we take San Miguel and then we take the world.
· Lacquer Gourds from Guerrero
Open House - Sat, Sun, Nov. 26, 27

        by Susan Page
...persuading the artists to return to using traditional ingredients.
· SMA: One Door at a Time
        by Alejandro Anaya
There are many ways to experience this city.
· Descubriendo San Miguel una puerta a la vez
        por Alejandro Anaya
Hay muchas formas de vivir esta ciudad.
· The Toledo of México?
        by Alejandro Anaya
We all need our "Toledo," to get lost in the streets of another time.
· ¿El Toledo de México?
        por Alejandro Anaya
Necesitamos nuestro "Toledo" para... perdernos en callecitas de otro tiempo...
· Peter Leventhal - The Last of the Collection
Opening - Friday, Nov. 25

Death in its completeness does not happen until we are forgotten.
· Maru Vázquez - Visual Codes
Opening - Saturday, Dec. 3

These codes are the maps of the Universe as gifted through me to my hands.
· Maru Vázquez - Códigos Visuales
Inauguración - Sábado, 3 de Dic.

Estos códigos son los mapas del Universo que me regalaron a través de mis manos.
November 20
· Quixote in San Miguel
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
She was, and still is, shoveling against the tide.
· Sisterhood and Rebels: Femicide and Violence
        by Irene Fuentes
For girls and women to live free of violence, in full enjoyment of their human rights.
· La Cocina de SMA at Tyto's
        by Don Day
The next day I sent him on what must have been one of the wildest goose chases ever.
November 13
· Life's a Stage
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"Be careful what you pretend to be, because that is what you are."
· Black is Beautiful, Opening - Sunday, November 20
        Kathleen Cammarata and Joe Molinaro
Black is an ancient color, the first color, the first charcoal drawing dated 35,000 BCE
· Archaeologists Forced to Rebury Unusual Discovery
        by Peter Dockrill
Archaeologists have to "undiscover" the cultural treasures.
November 6
· Sugary Skulls
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Mexicans really know how to party.
· You Bet Your Sweet Patootie They're Good
        by Don Day
Then I came to San Miguel de Allende and my tongue got all twisted around.
· SMA: "Like combining a Fellini film and Buddhist retreat"
        by Lorna Thornber
Hours of mutual storytelling over a few rounds of tequila helped seal the deal.
October 30
· Live Long and Better
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
In the city you can be as weird as you want, but nature has a way of keeping you honest.
· Fiesta of Precious Blood - pictorial
        by Joseph Sorrentino, photos and text
Sixteen young men and two young girls make a promise that lasts three years.
· Ancient Maya Drugs: Enemas and Entheogens
        by Sahir Pandey
Two articles
October / Octubre 2022
October 23
· Once Upon a Time
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
We human beings love stories. "Once upon a time" is a magic enchantment.
· Why All These Skeletons? - Galeria Atotonilco's Day of Dead Open House - Sat, Sun, Oct 29, 30
        by Susan Page
Instead of fearing death, the Aztecs embraced it.
· Mexico's 1,500-year-old Unknown Pyramids
        from BBC Unearthed / by Lina Zeldovich
These pyramids are held together by sticky juice from the prickly pear cactus.
October 16
· Who's Crazy Now?
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Big Tech's algorithm strengthens our sense of belonging.
· Graffiti and Mural Festival, Colectivo Coyote Urbano
        Friday-Sunday, October 21-23
The participation of 80 artists, both local and from different states of Mexico...
· 1,000-Year-Old Cañada de la Virgen Monument Given Protection
        by Sahir Pandey
...a large stone temple complex and many ancillary structures.
October 9
· Madison Avenue
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Advertising works. We all tend to buy, or buy into, the loudest, most frequent message.
· She's Beside Herself - Exhibition, La Huipilista Artspace
        by Lena Bartula
I can't bring myself to remove the set and put my studio back in order.
· Three Generations of OaxaCalifornians: Compartimento Cinematográfico
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
film review
October 2
· Happy New Year, Indeed
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
When I get the rhythm right, stumbling blocks transform into stepping stones.
· Body Fictions, Karen Wight & Kathleen Cammarata: exhibit / conversation with the artists
        Sat, Sun, Mon; Oct 8, 9, 10
The depiction of the body, can never be neutral like the drawing of a chair.
· Indigenous Cinema in San Miguel: Compartimento Cinematográfico
        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
film reviews
September / Septiembre 2022
September 25
· Parts and Wholes
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"Anyone who does not respond 'Hello' when they are greeted is a barbarian."
· Independence Day Parade pictorial / pictórico
        by Paynal Ward, text and photos
...you could hitch a ride on a truck or even sometimes a helicopter to the area of combat.
· Mexicanos en Acción, Exposición Colectiva
pictorial / pictórico

        by Erik Zavala, photos / fotos
Casa Europa
September 18
· Asking and Receiving
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I comment on his goings-on with genuine interest, while continuing to beg...
· Happy Ending / Beginning
        by Mary Norquist
A forty-year quest completed.
· Terrazas SMA Terraces, pictorial / pictórico
        by Valeria Ascencio
We cannot forget Antonio Banderas on the terrace of one of the best hotels in the city...
September 11
· My Big Head
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I worried what other unknown errors will rear up to bite me in the ass.
· Sky's the Limit: "New" Cinema in SMA
        by Henrietta Weekes
"It sparked me to want to create new spaces in SMA that are culturally regenerative."
September 4
· Four Jewish Jokes... or Five
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"Life is full of pain and suffering, and it's all over much too soon."
· Between Worlds / Entre Mundos, James Gritz, Photography & Mixed Media
Saturday, Sept. 10

My latest images fuse the literal with abstract textures of life.
· Objetos Rituales, El Libro y la Exposición de Adelia Sayeg
Sigue hasta el 23 de Sept.

        por Jorge Contreras
Ese tipo de sensibilidad en sus obras remite a un mundo que se parece a un poema.
August / Agosto 2022
August 28
· An Old Dog's New Tricks
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Reorganizing is putting it mildly. In fact, in this instance, "putting it mildly" is putting it mildly.
· Giving Voice to Inner Life: The Art of Bobbi Van
Open Studio, Fridays and Saturdays

        by Siba Kumar Das
...induces you into contemplating such things as time, transience, and transcendence.
· Geography-Based Catholicism
        by Joseph Toone
In Mexico a niece can inherit her uncle-priest's homes or cars.
August 21
· My Nervous Breakdown
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I had to strategically invest whatever force was at my disposal to get the essentials done.
· Pilar Ortiz and the Power of Personality
        by Don Day
She calls me her angel. I feel very, very special.
August 14
· There are Two Types of People
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
When you already have 180 million dollars, it seems you want 180 million and five dollars.
· Yoga for Every Body
        by Melinda Marino, Founder Esencia Yoga
Yoga is about not always getting it right, about perseverance.
· Mujeres en el Arte
Saturday, August 13, 5-8pm
Fabrica la Aurora Art Walk

August 7
· A More Perfect Union
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"Don't spit in the soup. We all have to eat." - Lyndon Johnson
· Returning to Nature, Authentic Green Burial
        by Felix Chancellor
...being actors in a grand play beyond our wildest knowing and imagination.
· Mexican Hand Signals
        by Pat Hall
Be careful with this one in Mexico.
· He Killed a Kidnapper and Now He's in Jail
· Mató a Secuestrador y Ahora Está en la Cárcel
July 31
· Dating in the Time of Covid
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I don't think politics should prevent us from sitting down together and having a beer.
· Enormous Life Lesson
Maru Vázquez
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

I have been able to give way to my wildest dreams and my deepest concerns.
· Una Enorme Enseñanza de Vida
Maru Vázquez
Inauguración - Mujeres en el Arte, Sábado, 13 de Agosto

He podido dar salida a mis más alocados sueños y mis más profundas inquietudes.
· Pre-Colombian Reinterpretations
Reinterpretaciones Precolombinas
Jared Jiménez

Opening - Saturday, August 6 - Inauguración
July / Julio 2022
July 24
· Earth First
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Show me that in which a person believes and I will show you his religion.
· The Unkown Result of the Journey, Merry Calderoni
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

A successful painting is never guaranteed.
· Controlling the Weather, Los Graniceros
by Joseph Sorrentino, text and photos
Photos from four ceremonies that took place over the course of a year.
· Sex Ed at the Corner Store, CASA
        by Sanjana Natesan
No study suggests that condom availability increases sexual activity.
July 17
· Crazy Is as Crazy Does
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
For us expats, community is the most magical aspect of this magical town.
· Drawing with Wire, Zoë Siegel
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

It is held together with delicate strength.
· A Symphony of Youth
Free Concert, Tuesday, July 19

by Fredric Dannen
"to bring music to all our children and young people in San Miguel."
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 8 - Roberto Buchanan / Shannon Reece / Sharon Jeffers / Sue Griffin / Suzy Taylor
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Col. San Antonio open their studios, houses and galleries.
July 10
· A Chill on Blackberry Hill
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
As in war, whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.
· Inking for Change
        by Ria Talken
I, like a lotus, flourished out of my muck.
· Waking Up to Violence Against Women: CASA
by Sanjana Natesan
...to do something about everyday violence against women.
· A Power Held By All Women: Wendy Moyer
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

My works are deeply layered with hopes, fears, conversations...
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 7 - Daniela Pruneda / Donna Russo / Jonathon Williams / Peter A Davis / Peter Gee
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Col. San Antonio open their studios, houses and galleries.
July 3
· Fake News and the Ugly American
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.
· ABBA: Finding Refuge
Movie / Party / Benefit - Friday, July 8

Casa ABBA has helped over 80,000 migrants
· Haunting the Hacienda, Jo Anderson Brenzo
Opening, Sat. July, 9

I immediately felt the opulence of the past, the decay...
· Betwixt: Shifting Parameters of Home, Ri Anderson
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

It was only natural that my work focused more and more inward.
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 6 - Linda Joy / Jon Levin / Lori Schwilling Mark Andrew / Michael Schwarcz
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Col. San Antonio open their studios, houses and galleries.
June / Junio 2022
June 26
· Los Locos Unmasked: Like You've Never Seen It
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Most of the trucks each contain enough speakers to amplify a concert at a mid-sized arena.
· Our Own Human Nature, Ana de los Rios
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 13

I am concerned about the crossroads at which the entire world finds itself.
· Hacia Nuestra Propia Naturaleza, Ana de los Rios
Mujeres en el Arte, Fabrica la Aurora, Sábado 6 de Agosto

Me preocupa la encrucijada en la que se encuentra el mundo entero.
· Fusing Surrealism and Expressionism, Fernando Vignoli
Thursday, June 30

...leading the viewer to come across texture, plasticity and creation.
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 4 - David Webb / Dawn Lundquist / Jaime Salazar / Lawrence Selevan / Linda Joslin
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Col. San Antonio open their studios, houses and galleries.
June 19
· One Man Band
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
It's empowering to realize that I've got the ability to do it on my own.
· The Oldest Profession
Boystown Paintings and Drawings 2022

        by Henry Vermillion
The feminist Germaine Greer... concluded that "Prostitution and painting go hand in hand."
· Consuming Water and the Landscape: Carolina Parra
Mujeres en el Arte, Fabrica la Aurora, Saturday August 6
· El Consumo del Agua y el Paisaje: Carolina Parra
Mujeres en el Arte, Fabrica la Aurora, Sábado 6 de Agosto
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 4
Lindsay Duval / Katrina Noel / Joe Campiere
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Col. San Antonio open their studios, houses and galleries.
June 12
· Three Holidays, Three Israelis
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
All Jewish holidays can be summed up by the saying: "They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat."
· Art as a Cathartic Exercise
Mujeres en el Arte, August 6

        Lilia Luján
I am seduced by art, music, culture, people, nature and gastronomy.
· El Arte Como un Ejercicio Catártico
Mujeres en el Arte, 6 de Agosto

        Lilia Luján
Me seduce el arte, la música, la cultura, la gente, la naturaleza y la gastronomía.
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 3
Catherine Shea / Gaia Schilke / Glen Rogers
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Colonia San Antonio will open their studios, houses and galleries to the public.
June 5
· Poor Little Rich Man
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
It's a small town and I don't want to make enemies.
· The Naked Inner World
Sandra de la Torre, Photography

        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
Her photographs exude an inner spirituality... describing a sometimes torturous journey.
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 2
Alifie Rojas / Barry Weiss / Béa Aaronson
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Colonia San Antonio will open their studios, houses and galleries to the public.
May 29
· Mexico is at Full Volume
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The activity was frenetic. The noise was impressive, even by Mexican standards.
· What's in a Mexican Nickname?
        by Pat Hall
I have heard many nicknames in Mexico, and most of them, at first, made no sense to me.
· MyStudio Art Walk: preview 1
Al Tirado / Lauren Osornio / Honore Kaplan
Sat. Sun. July 16, 17

The artists of Colonia San Antonio will open their studios, houses and galleries to the public.
· El Retiro's National Film Premier
3 Generations of Women in Atotonilco
Sat. May 28

        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
Looking incisively into Mexican society has become the trademark of Alatorre's work.
May / Mayo 2022
May 22
· Closing and Opening Doors
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
San Miguel is a river and most of us are just floating along.
· 60s So Cal Car Culture in SMA: pictorial
        by Paynal Ward
Many bizarre, very special details cover these automotive masterpieces.
May 15
· Bach and Climate Change
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Her sensitivity ran wild in many, less musical regards.
· Sailing to San Miguel
        by Jerome Phillips
I seldom back off in highway or bar situations.
May 8
· Watermelon and Death
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
My glibness is in accord with the lightheartedness they have towards death here in Mexico.
· 740 Moons, Adelia Sayeg
Opening, Saturday, May 14

I am part of those who seek to rescue that spiritual heritage of our ancestors.
· 740 Lunas, Adelia Sayeg
Inauguración - Sábado, 14 de Mayo

Soy parte de aquellos que buscan rescatar esa herencia espiritual de nuestros ancestros.
· What is so Important About Cinco de Mayo?
        by Natalie Taylor
The French wanted to conquer the country and revive an empire in Mexico.
May 1
· Every Time They Play that Um-pah-pah
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Regular immersion in nature is one of three things proven to result in longer lives.
· Gilded Photography: Lori Pond and Wendi Schneider
Opening - Saturday, May 7

To illustrate both the preciousness of life and certainty of death...
· They Take You Away
        by David Armando Garza II, aka, Lynx Bigtooth Maple
The pure miracles of life do take you away. But they bring you back again.
April / Abril 2022
April 24
· Why is this Night Different?
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Dogs and people are wackier during the full moon. Hospitals stock more blood...
· Photographing the World: Alison Wright
        by Robert J. Hawkins; photos by Alison Wright
...a person whose pictures gave voice to the often unseen and unheard around the world.
· Señor de la Conquista Danzantes
        por Jon Welsh
April 17
· A Lion Roars in Guadiana
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I admit that I am a stranger to abundance, a late bloomer...
· My Mexican Adventure
Opening, Friday, April 22
        by Beverly Sky
I came very reluctantly to Mexico after the death of both of my parents.
· Who are the Russian People?
Talk, Saturday, April 23
        by Frank Thoms
The Russia I knew is becoming another Russia, harkening back to Stalin days.
· Lord of the Conquest Dancers
        by Jon Welsh
April 10
· Time Travel: Back and Forward
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Lingering is often the kiss of death.
· Close Looking, Parts One and Two: How to Draw a Face
        by Henry Vermillion
He couldn't be persuaded. And he was usually right.
· Gil Gutiérrez: SMA to NYC
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
You don't have to go to New York to catch the show.
· Pass the Bottle and Praise the Agave
        by Don Day
It didn't go quite as planned.
April 3
· Seven in One Stroke
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
What at the moment seems like a quick solution often make matters worse.
· Blue Unicorns, the Rise of the Novel
Isis Rodriguez, opening - Saturday, April 9

        by Zyanya Gallegos
Isis battled social media giants for the right to post intelligent writing about her art works.
· A Garden, Theater, Mural and Hope for San Miguel Viejo
        by Ojala Niños
The mural's elements tell the journey of the first settlement of San Miguel Viejo.
· Mayor Mauricio Trejo Addresses Rotary
It was a very hopeful speech, which Lokkal presents here with thanks to Rotary and without further comment.
March / Marzo 2022
March 27
· Hold Your Horses
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
There is an etiquette when exploding things, a formal procedure that is followed.
· The Beauty and Difficulty of Being a Woman
        by Tania Noriz, The Good News SMA
The most beautiful thing about being a woman is crying without being criticized.
· Emilio González, Painter: Blessed is his sensitivity
Fabrica Art Walk, Sat, Apr. 2

        by Maru Vázquez
Its theme, color, structure and great handling of the technique amazed me.
· The Glorias, Gloria Steinem "Biopic"
Movie, Q&A with Director, Wednesday, March 30, 7pm

        by Jeffrey R. Sipe
The bus was out of time, forever traveling to the next demonstration, the next talk, the next rally.
· Lord of the Column, Grieving Our Suffering Earth
        by Mary Jane Miller
Roosters begin to crow as towers and domes appear on the city's horizon.
· ¿Qué es lo más bonito y lo más difícil de ser mujer?
        por Tania Noriz, The Good News SMA
Lo más hermoso de ser mujer es llorar sin ser criticada.
· Emilio González, Pintor: Bendita su sensibilidad
Fabrica Art Walk, Sáb, 2 de Abr.

        por Maru Vázquez
Su temática, colorido, estructura y gran manejo de la técnica me maravillaron.
March 20
· Something We Can All Agree On
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
As a country, the United States desperately needs to agree on something.
· After Hours with Willy Bo Richardson
        Gallery Skot Foreman
The world needs a load-stone that orients people towards what has staying power.
March 13
· It's the Wanting
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Now, when she exceeds her capacity to receive, I stop giving.
· Red Dresses: International Women's Day
        Ser Mujer
...each of them is a daughter, mother or sister of someone who hopes to see them again.
· A Day Without Women: My Heart Project
        by Kate Van Doren
Thank you for elevating your voice and the voice of women.
· Los Vestidos Rojos: Día Internacional de la Mujer
        Ser Mujer
...cada una de ellas es una hija, una madre o una hermana de alguien que espera volver a verlas.
March 6
· Fear of Flying
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
...a staid individual, he did not want to let loose.
· The Woman Who Becomes A Bird
Museum Exhibit in Guanajuato City

        by Viridiana Gutiérrez
...all sentient beings, who seek to experience and reveal a part of themselves that has been kept hidden...
· SMA Art Pioneers: the Brooks - pictorial
Exhibit closes Saturday
February 27
· Harvesting Papayas
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The bad news is that almost everyone is distracted by the clown show that is modern culture.
February / Febrero 2022
February 20
· The Company I Keep
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Atheistic, he yet has a worshipful attitude towards nature.
· Francesca Moriggi, Ceramics - pictorial
I seek to value what we always see but perhaps forget or absorb without living it.
· Francesca Moriggi, Ceramica - pictórica
Busco valorizar lo que siempre vemos pero tal vez olvidamos y absorbemos sin vivirlo.
February 13
· Sunshine, Covid and Belonging
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
That vitamin D reduces the severity of respiratory illness is old news.
· The Perfume of Rosemary: A Radio Interview
        by A.S. Reisfield
These expressions of Life convey a message about society off course.
February 6
· Another Pushy Gringo
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Children "make sense" of an abusive situation in a nonsensical way.
January 30
· Magical Mysterious Monarchs
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Material is no less mysterious a phenomenon than is consciousness; it may even be stranger.
January / Enero 2022
January 23
· Me and My Big Mouth
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Life is messy. There are no simple answers, only simple-minded people.
· The Orphan and the Bananas: Proyecto de Vida
        by Colette Morya
It was as if I were seeing myself in a mirror.
January 16
· San Miguel's School of Hard Knocks
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
The dog was barking ferociously, waiting its moment to advance and sink its teeth in.
· Ruta Maya: Journeying Towards Indigenous Wisdom
        by Colette Morya
...to hear again from those who were silenced by the conquerors...
January 9
· My Near-Death Experience
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
"El gringo no se murio!" The gringo didn't die!
· To Betsy Bowman, Who Saved My Life
        by Colette Morya
This woman, whom I barely knew, was my last hope.
January 2
· Love and Death
        by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Nothing affects our attitutude towards life as much as our attitude towards death.
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